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Shophouses in Vinhomes Central Park for rent/sale

5,500 USD/month
26 billion VND
  • Demand: For rent , For Sale

Shophouses in Vinhomes Central Park is a duplex apartment. Located on 2 podium floors of the project’s towers. The first floor of the shophouse is used for business purposes, while the second floor is for living and personal activities.

As a townhouse combining business, every Shophouse in Vinhomes Central Park focuses on design. Always optimize the function and create a luxurious and modern. Because the main purpose of these Shophouse houses is for business, all of them own beautiful and well-ventilated. Especially, this location face the main roads and crowded parks.

At the moment, Shophouse floor in Vinhomes Central Park is almost glass. Very few have apartments for rent or sale. Therefore, finding a Shophoues apartment to buy or rent is very difficult to find.


However, we have a number of Shophoues in Landmark 4, Landmark 3, Central 1, and Park 2 buildings for sale and lease. Shophouses in Vinhomes Central Park is receiving the special attention of business investors. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for you to make a lucrative investment in this product line of Vinhomes.

Shophouse for sale in Vinhomes Central Park

  1. Shophouse for sale 133sqm (ground floor of 70sqm and first floor with area of ​​73sqm) at Landmark 4. Currently this apartment is under a lease of 6,500 USD / month. Sale price: 26 billion.
  2. Shophouse 160sqm for sale (80sqm ground floor and 80sqm ground floor ) at Landmark 4. The apartment is currently renting 7,500 USD / month. Sale price: 33 billion.

Shophouse for rent in Vinhomes Central Park

  1. Shophouse Central 1, area 233sqm (ground floor 114sqm + first floor area 119sqm). Price for rent: 5,500 USD / month.
  2. Shophouse Park 2, area 165sqm (ground floor 85sqm + first floor area of ​​80sqm). Price for rent: 4,500 USD / month.
  3. Shophouse Landmark 3, area 226sqm (ground floor 112sqm + 1st floor area of ​​114sqm) Rental price: 6,000 USD / month.

Note: Shophouse units require a 3-month deposit, payment at the beginning of the month and a minimum 3-year leasing term.

If you want to rent / buy Shophouse Vinhomes Central Park apartment, please contact us:

Vinhomes Central Park Sale Department


Mr Tommy 0901356998


Mr Tony 0902321889



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